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    Nicholas Flood, Managing Director IBM Australia & Vice President IBM Technology, says:

    “The Australian Federal Government is on record as aspiring to become the top digital government globally by 2027. The new arrangement with IBM Australia will be at the very core of that transformation. We will support the Australian Federal Government to make use of IBM technology, including our most current and cutting-edge capabilities, to improve services for 26 million Australian citizens, transform essential government services and create a sustainable future for us all. It's a milestone that IBM Australia is incredibly proud of.”


    For more information, read Nicholas Flood's announcement blog or the Digital Transformation Agency's press release.

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    Organisations across Australia are supported by an ecosystem of IBM partners working together to offer best-in-class platforms, products, and services.

    IBM’s Nicholas Flood, ISW’s Bo Mabry and ASL’s Trent Gunthorpe, explain how IBM Safer Payments secures the payments of businesses of all sizes - protecting them from fraud and financial crime.

    ASL’s FinCrime solution, powered by IBM Safer Payments, is delivered via ISW’s managed PaaS model. This unique offering differs from today’s ‘black box’ models, and comes as a secure, compliant platform with comprehensive training and support. Together, ASL and ISW assist their customers with this powerfully smart and intuitive platform, keeping payments flowing freely.

    Watch the full interview and find out more:

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    The Royal Melbourne Hospital consolidated 6 legacy systems and digitized just over one hundred business processes across its Facility Management Services as part of the Computed Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) Project implementation.

    #IBM TRIRIGA was implemented to improve workforce utilization, task efficiencies, asset profiling and data reporting. With the support of Trixi Building Insights with IBM Sustainability Software, the solution is now used by 12,000+ staff across user defined roles at the hospital and its satellite services delivering improved transparency, safety and sustainability benefits.

    Next, RMH plan to trial using the power of IoT data, sensors, and devices to enhance the solution, integrated into the CAFM platform by IBM Maximo Monitor.

    The hospital now has the insights they need to inform their decision-making processes and ultimately improve the patient experience.

    Watch the full interview and read the case study here

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    Ryan Brosnahan, Chief Transformation Officer, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank sat down with Doug Robinson to discuss how its work with #IBM Consulting has helped the Bank further its digital transformation.

    Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s transformation is focused on delivering and embedding digital capabilities, digitising and automating core processes, and reducing complexity and cost.

    This is being achieved by simplifying products and processes, modernising technology platforms and rebuilding technology systems to be digital first, cloud operated and API enabled.

    Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is committed to pursuing its vision of becoming Australia’s bank of choice, by leveraging its unique human, digital and community strengths to enable a customer experience that is second to none.

    Watch the full interview here

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    Bendigo Telco deployed #IBM AI Manager to inform their IT operations team about issues as they emerge, then help the teams understand the nature and impact of these issues, and guide and inform both short-term remedies and permanent resolutions.

    The IBM Customer Success Manager delivered the Minimum Viable Product at no additional cost to or resources from Bendigo Telco, freeing up their teams to focus on delivering quality services to their customers and communities.

    Find out more about IBM AI Manager and how it can help streamline IT Operations.

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