Dec 11, 2022


The Royal Melbourne Hospital consolidated 6 legacy systems and digitized just over one hundred business processes across its Facility Management Services as part of the Computed Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) Project implementation.

#IBM TRIRIGA was implemented to improve workforce utilization, task efficiencies, asset profiling and data reporting. With the support of Trixi Building Insights with IBM Sustainability Software, the solution is now used by 12,000+ staff across user defined roles at the hospital and its satellite services delivering improved transparency, safety and sustainability benefits.

Next, RMH plan to trial using the power of IoT data, sensors, and devices to enhance the solution, integrated into the CAFM platform by IBM Maximo Monitor.

The hospital now has the insights they need to inform their decision-making processes and ultimately improve the patient experience.

Watch the full interview and read the case study here

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