May 15, 2023


Organisations are challenged to improve their governance, risk and compliance (GRC) in an increasingly complex regulatory environment and with ever increasing risks across product, financial, ESG, cyber and operational risk.

KPMG Risk Hub provides a holistic view of an organisation’s risk, integrating information and data across all levels of the business through an innovative, interactive, Risk as a Service platform. Built on IBM OpenPages with Watson, KPMG Risk Hub offers an AI-driven and highly scalable solution that runs on any cloud.

Watch the interview with Kevin Smout, Global Leader for Governance, Risk & Assurance Services KPMG, James Boocock, Strategic Alliances, KPMG, and Nicholas Flood, Managing Director, IBM Australia and Vice President, IBM Technology, to learn more about KPMG Risk Hub and how this enables leaders to make insightful risk-based decisions to enhance business performance.

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