Bridget Tracy

Bridget is Chief Digital Officer of IBM Australia/New Zealand and is responsible for driving new channels and methods for growth for IBM in the era of Digital Transformation, overseeing the transformation of how we engage and add value to IBM’s clients in the Digital World. 

She has spent the majority of her career in the IT industry and has always been centred around clients and the delivery of transformative solutions through IT, but her heart belongs in the Government industry where she spent many years working with Governments in the UK and Australia to transform citizen centric services.

Bridget is deeply connected to her half-Chinese heritage having spent much of her childhood in Hong Kong.  This lead her to an academic life exploring her Asian heritage through a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies, spending a year living and studying in Beijing, and pursuing a Masters in International Politics of North East Asia.

Bridget loves building inspired and motivated teams that thrive on business challenges requiring leadership and a strong, collaborative, team ethic to bring transformation, innovation and value to clients.    She is also a wife and mum of two young girls who she loves to share her passions of Travel and Music with.